2 – Mason Reed is Busking

Welcome to Legends of La La.  The recording industry has only been around for the last 100 years. In this video, we explore the past, present, and future of the record industry.

  1. ok, so this film is so cool and edgy, it makes me want to crow! Having mostly grown up in the rock era, and in lala I can totally relate to the rocksters and the scenesters that have evolved into shaping alot of what our current musical culture has become…

    in fact, your film reminds me of my niece lily wilson (lilywilson.com) who has embodied much of what you speak of -in that she has created a grassroots following via viral marketing,downloads,etc.,-using a savvy business acumen to advance her lovely soulful folkpop catalogue. check her out, she’s pretty hot! And keep up the awesome work! Long live rock n roll!

  2. Just saw your site . Love it.
    I would like to ask you to check out a new singer/songwrtier /fiddler Sierra Noble.
    Sierra is a 20 year old artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her website is http://www.sierranoble.ca

    Sierra hasn’t had that break yet but she has had some great experiences with her music and where it has taken her.
    Last summer Sierra opened for Sir Paul McCartney in Halifax, then Canadian Astronaut Julie Payette chose to take Sierra’s CD “Possibilities” into Space with her on the STS 127 Space Mission – kina of cool – last winter Sierra performed at the Olympics – she was one of the six “Hero Fiddlers” featured in the “Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics”- she also performed as a new artist at Lilith Fair, and on July 17th ,2010 Sierra will Open for Bon Jovi in Winniepg.
    Sierra is a not only talented but also has a beautiful soul.
    Hope you enjoy her music!

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